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Shop local is a campaign effort through Seguin Economic Development Corporation, Seguin Main Street, Seguin Chamber of Commerce, Seguin Guadalupe County Chamber of Commerce and local businesses that is dedicated to encouraging patrons to shop local businesses. According to Independent We Stand, for every $100 spent in locally owned businesses, $68 will stay in the community. Whereas for every $100 spent in a national chain, only $43 will stay in the community.

The furniture, restaurant, antique, boutique, bakery, coffee shops and other locally owned businesses are the heart of Seguin's community. They are where you can find unique items and gifts, one on one customer service, and where the person working will most likely remember your name if you visit more than once.
Local business owners help support local events and the local business community, they sponsor teams/organizations, provide great services and/or products all while making up an authentic, real community. And for that, we are thrilled they have chosen Seguin, Texas to call home and to thrive in. 

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1. Small businesses give back to Seguin
When you shop Seguin, you support the city. Taxes paid to the city or county are used to support parks, roads, sidewalks and 
help keep the community safe through public service workers ike firefighters.

2. Small businesses are a BIG deal
In 2013, small businesses in the US employed 56.8 million people or 48% of the US private workforce. 1.1 million new jobs
were created by US Small businesses.

3. Small businesses = Better Customer Service
Small businesses strive to thrive, knowing their reputation and repeat business helps gets them there. Enjoy better
customer service with a personal touch and memorable impression.

4. Small businesses = Better Product Diversity
Small businesses carry name brand items found in some big box stores, plus unique items including locally made 
products that cannot be found in the big box stores.

5. Small businesses add to the "Multiplier effect"
Little things add up, after shopping locally, you support a local business, support locals who work there and put money back
into the city you live in through a "multiplier effect. Small businesses tend to do business with other local businesses, they 
bank with local banks, advertise in local papers and purchase other local services.

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