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Technology Services

  • The Seguin Public Library offers access to information resources on the Internet in response to advances in technology and to the changing information needs of the community.  Libraries have become a significant source of technology and internet service in many communities, a gateway to the digital world. Libraries make it possible for individuals to obtain access to the information needed to make informed decisions and every library user benefits from expanded access to information. 
  • The Technology Services Department strives to keep the library at the cutting edge of free, public tech offerings and to help our patrons expand their knowledge of the digital world and solve their toughest tech quandaries. We offer fast connectivity around through 100Mbps of fiber-optic internet. With our 32 free public access computers, free public Wi-Fi, and iPads, you can get connected, find what you’re looking for, and experience new devices.
  • We believe the use and understanding of modern technologies is crucial to being an informed member of society, to that end we provide free access to the technology needed to assist patrons in their research, recreational and creative endeavors.  In keeping with our mission, the library provides free access to these resources to everyone in the community for purposes of education, information, research or recreation. The library offers free WiFi, Windows workstations with Internet access, scanning, Mobile Printing, computer classes and electronic resources.
  • The library complies with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). This enables the Library to continue to be eligible for certain federal funding. CIPA states that all Library-owned computers with Internet access must be equipped with technology protection measures, i.e. filters, to protect against visual depictions of obscenity, child pornography and material defined as harmful to minors. 
Technology Services offered at the library:

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