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  • With thousands of titles published every year, it can be difficult to find the time to choose titles that match your unique reading interests.  You may not be aware, in this age of social media and auto-generated recommendations, but librarians are usually pretty good at suggesting books that match your reading tastes and habits.  
  • We try to spend time familiarizing ourselves with a wide variety of authors and genres, so that we are always ready to give you a tip when you ask for one. If you can't stop by the library we can offer you the expertise of SPL staff to recommend titles that we hope you will love. Just fill out the form below and get ready to read great books from a personalized list of book recommendations.
  • A list of 5 titles based on your interests will be emailed to you. If you aren't happy with the list we send you, just fill in the above form again giving us more specifics about what you enjoy reading.
  • You can also suggest a title for purchase if you do not see it in our online catalog. 
  • Librarians are not all-knowing, however, there are a variety of tools we use to assist you in the discovery of new books. Try our Reader's Advisory Resources the next time you need something new to read!
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