As the advanced manufacturing sector has grown over the years, Seguin, Texas has remained at the top of the charts. Over 50 manufacturers, Fortune 500 companies and corporate headquarters all reside in Seguin boasting a competitive advantage. Seguin continues to be one of the strongest manufacturing clusters in the region. In fact, Seguin is recognized for having one of the highest manufacturing jobs per capita in the state of Texas, with almost twice the national average manufacturing jobs As the nation experienced the effects of the economic downturn starting in 2008, Seguin added jobs at a rate almost unmatched in Texas. From 2008 to 2015, over 3,000 new jobs were created in Seguin thanks to major recruitment and expansion projects such as Caterpillar and Continental Automotive Systems. 

The Seguin Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) allocates funding to the Central Texas Technology Center (CTTC) which has provided vital workforce development for the cities of Seguin and New Braunfels, as well as Comal and Guadalupe counties since in conception in 2004.  The CTTC works with regional industries in developing employee training programs and curriculums for local manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Continental, CMC Steel and Alamo Group. 
The CTTC is a key asset in sustaining Seguin’s vibrant economy. An advanced technology center such as CTTC plays a critical role in developing Seguin's local workforce, better positioning us to recruit new business and most importantly- to retain and expand existing businesses.

The SEDC proudly honors the contributions Seguin's advanced manufacturing companies provide to our community including quality jobs, a diversified tax base and community service initiatives. For data and demographics regarding Seguin's advanced manufacturing sector, please visit our Labor Force Data page, located in the Data Center.

Advanced Manufacturing Companies in Seguin

 Principal Advanced Manufacturing Companies in Seguin
 Continental Automotive Systems 1560 employees 
 Caterpillar, Inc.  1500 employees 
 CMC Steel Texas 800 employees 
 Tyson Foods 740 employees 
 Republic Plastics 250 employees 
 Hexcel 250 employees 
 Helmerich & Payne 220 employees 
 Siro Foods 216 employees 
 Minigrip 290 employees 
 Alamo Group 188 employees 
 Cavco  101 employees 
 Niagara Bottling LLC 110 employees 

Latest Advanced Manufacturing Recruitment Projects

Niagara Bottling, LLC

On June 30th, 2015, the City of Seguin gathered as the Seguin Economic Development Corporation announced the latest addition to our community’s thriving manufacturing industry, Niagara Bottling. Niagara Bottling, LLC is the largest family owned and operated beverage supplier in the United States.

Niagara’s 557,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located at the intersection of Rio Nogales Drive and Eighth Street in Seguin and represents an $85 million dollar capital investment. To position Seguin competitively, a local incentive package was utilized which included a five year partial property tax abatement from Guadalupe County and a land grant incentive valued at $985,900 from the Seguin Economic Development Corporation. Over the five year period of the incentive package, the City, County, Lateral Road, and School District are anticipated to receive over $6 million in new property tax revenue, net of the tax abatement.

The Southern California based company, which started bottling five gallon glass containers of water for homes and offices in the early 1960s, supplies single serve, private label bottled water to grocery, club store, convenience and wholesale customers throughout the United States. Niagara has 19 manufacturing plants and supports both the domestic and international market. 

Siro Group, LLC
On October 28, 2014 an incentive package was approved by SEDC and was given final approval by Seguin City Council to recruit one of Seguin’s largest advanced manufacturing projects to date- Siro Group LLC. The company specializes in producing a variety of food products, including cookies, cakes, breads, and cereals, and introduces over 100 new items every year.  The addition of Siro Group LLC will create over $58.5 million in new capital investment and 212 new jobs over six years in Seguin, TX.

To position Seguin competitively an incentive package was utilized which included an $800,000 state grant from the Texas Enterprise Fund and a five year property tax abatement from the City and County. Over the five year period of the incentive package, the City, County, Lateral Road, and School District are anticipated to receive over $5 million total in new property tax revenue, net of the tax abatement.

The Siro Group USA LLC is a family owned business with more than 4,000 employees, a Research and Development Center and 19 production facilities primarily in Spain, Portugal, and Italy. The company’s headquarters are located in Madrid (Spain), Chilworth (UK), San Antonio (USA), Sintra (Portugal) and Bologna (Italy).  

Located on approximately 50 acres of land at the intersection of Rio Nogales Dr. and Eighth St. in Seguin, Siro Group LLC plans to begin construction of their 250,000 square foot facility in 2017.

Located in Seguin, the Siro Group USA facility will incorporate the Texas based Factory, the R&D Center and the Special Employment Center to its international structure. The Seguin facility will produce a variety of food products, including cookies, cakes, and snacks along with the introduction of several new items every year. The R&D Center will create 10-15 high quality Food Scientist jobs and include a $1.5 million dollar investment. The Special Employment Center will produce snacks, rice, and corn cakes and create 20 adapted jobs and hope to add more for those considered socially excluded from the workforce including the disabled and veterans. Some of the company’s core customers include Bimbo, Nestle, H-E-B, and a few retailers in Canada and the Midwest.  

Currently, 14% of Siro’s staff are disadvantaged or disabled people and half of its employees are women, a trend they expect to continue with their entrance into North America. 

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