Niagara welcomes local officials during grand opening celebration

Seguin, TX - On June 30, 2015, the City of Seguin gathered as the Seguin Economic Development Corporation announced the latest addition to the community’s thriving manufacturing industry. Fast forward over two years to November 16, 2017, Niagara Bottling LLC hosted a formal grand opening event at their 557,000 square foot manufacturing facility located at the intersection of Rio Nogales Drive and Eighth Street, just south of Interstate 10. City Officials and Niagara Executives, including the Founder and Chairman, Mr. Andrew Peykoff Sr. attended the grand opening event that included lunch and a guided tour of the new state of the art facility.

“It’s a great day in Seguin, Texas. Being able to work with the folks at Niagara Bottling over the past two years has been a real treat. They are a wonderful addition to our business community, and an outstanding corporate citizen. Niagara has gone above and beyond with the philanthropic contributions they have made to the Seguin community. We look forward to having Niagara flourish in our community for years to come.” Josh Schneuker, Executive Director of Seguin Economic Development said in his speech.

Others that spoke at the event included Seguin’s Mayor Mr. Don Keil, Niagara-Seguin Plant Manager, Mr. Trevor Baugher and Niagara’s Founder and Chairman Mr. Andrew Peykoff Sr.

“This whole project is very near and dear to me. Out of all the economic development projects we have done I decided to stick my nose into this one a little bit more and I am so glad I did. Not only did I get to meet great people but what was so impressive was the fact that they kept mentioning ‘community fit’ and I truly hope the shoe does fit. On behalf of the City of Seguin, we welcome you all here and thank you for investing in us,” said Seguin Mayor Don Keil.

Seguin, Texas continues to be one of the strongest manufacturing clusters in the region and Niagara Bottling has contributed to that success adding a third production line earlier this year. Niagara currently employs about 120 individuals at their Seguin facility.

Niagara prides themselves in participating in numerous community service initiatives. During the recent Hurricane Harvey disaster, the Seguin facility helped out in a big way. The Seguin facility produced and shipped millions of bottles of water to those who were in need during this unprecedented natural disaster.

“Our people stepped up to the plate and sometimes our people showed up for work when their own home was under water. They knew they had a job to do. They knew there was people without water. Once their family was safe they came to work. They produced hundreds of millions of bottled water for people without. That’s emotional. We have great people.” said Andrew Peykoff Sr., Founder and Chairman of Niagara Bottling LLC.

At the conclusion of the event, Niagara presented a generous donation of $150,000 to support Seguin’s efforts in recovery after Hurricane Harvey and to also assist with future emergency preparedness.

Niagara Bottling, LLC is the largest family owned and operated beverage supplier in the United States. The Southern California based company, which started bottling five-gallon glass containers of water for homes and offices in the early 1960s, supplies single-serve, and private label bottled water to grocery,

club store, convenience and wholesale customers throughout the United States. Niagara has 27 manufacturing plants and supports both the domestic and international market. ##

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