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  • Walk-N-Talk with us online!
  • Create lifelong habits for physical activity with Walk Across Texas! Join other Texans in this Free 8-week program, as they walk 832 miles towards a healthier lifestyle.
  • Participants are encouraged to interact with Lisa Whittemore from Better Living for Texans - Texas A&M Agri Life Extension online every Friday as she goes on walks around the library to Walk Across Texas. 
  • Every week participants must log miles and track teams progress online.
  • Registration is required to participate.
  • The Walk Across Texas! program encourages people to develop a habit of regular physical activity.
  • Teams and individuals walk - or run, dance, garden, swim or do any other form of exercise - for an eight-week period.
  • Each 20 minutes of exercise counts as one mile. At the end of that time each team's or person's total mileage is added up.
  • A quick look at a map of Texas shows how far everybody would have gone if he or she had been walking in a straight line.
  • *Up to 8 members per team.
  • For more videos of Walk-N-Talk Program visit our YouTube Channel

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