Seguin Daily News: TLU makes $20K a year Promise to future Bulldogs; University makes college experience a better value for all new first year students

(Seguin) -- Going to college at TLU is no longer a dream. It's a promise.

In the spirit of Texas Lutheran University's mission and goal for all students to "Learn Boldly and Live to Inspire," TLU is promising to offer new first-year students $20,000 "per year" in scholarships. 

Sarah Story, vice president for enrollment, marketing and communications, says TLU is taking its belief that all students should be able to afford a small, private college experience and turning it into a reality for all interested students. 

"We have a new scholarship program for students who would be entering in fall of 2019. So they are currently seniors in high school and we are calling it The TLU Promise and what it is, we want families to know that a private college education is affordable. There is a myth out there that private colleges are much more expensive than public institutions and that's not always the case. So, what we are doing is the TLU Promise is for students who are admitted to TLU and if they have a 3.6 GPA from high school and that's core academic GPA and an 1100 SAT, we promise them that they will earn at least $20,000 a year, each year, for four years. So that reduces their tuition to an amount that is pretty comparable to a lot of the larger public institutions in the area," said Story. 

Story says The TLU Promise helps to keep the university on the table for students beginning to consider college. However, Story says what might be even more impressive is the promise that is being made to those who stick around a bit longer to achieve their master's degree. 

"We have a lot of scholarships. Our scholarships are really generous. They range from $7,000 a year up to almost full tuition which is $27,500 a year and students -- they are renewable for each year and we even have some master degree programs that are concurrent programs which means students can go for four years and stay for a fifth year and earn a master's degree in accounting, data analytics and athletic training. So those academic scholarships they earn also apply to that fifth year which is pretty amazing. So, we really want students to know that this is possible and they can have that very intimate, personal, college experience where they get to do a lot more just on day one of entering college and be very involved in a campus community," said Story. 
According to Story, over 95 percent of TLU students already receive scholarships or need-based financial aid. She says the fulfillment requirements by the students wouldn't change more than what is already required from them. 

"There's a minimum GPA of 2.0 that they would need to maintain to keep their scholarship which is the same GPA that you need to have to keep your federal aid. So, students who have Federal Pell Grants or Texas Grants -- it's the same GPA," said Story.

Thanks to The TLU Promise, Story says students who major in music or theater will have an even greater incentive to select the university.

"Students who are interested in music or theatre, we have performance scholarships that range from up to $3,000 a year for non-majors and $3,000 to $5,000 a year for students who want to major in music or theater and those scholarships are on top of what they would earn with the academic scholarships. So when we talk about the $20,000 TLU Promise Scholarship, if they were also interested in music that would be on top of that $20,000. It's extremely generous. We want to reward students that are interested in the arts," said Story. 

With news of its new four-year TLU Promise scholarship, Story hopes that high school seniors will take an even closer look at all that TLU has to offer. She says an upcoming campus tour will hopefully address any and all questions that a student and their family might have. 

"We also encourage them to visit. We have a big visit day coming up on Oct. 20 for seniors but juniors are also welcome. We'd love to have them. If you go to, you can register for a TLU Preview. It's a full day of really understanding about the admission's process, the scholarships that are available, you get to meet with faculty, learn more about academic majors, student life, we have optional campus tours so it's a whole day really to get to know TLU," said Story.

Students must be accepted at TLU in order to be considered for a scholarship and must enroll full-time in order to receive and renew the award. Grant and scholarship aid (federal, state and external) when combined with TLU awards may not exceed the cost of attendance for the year which they are applying.

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