City Asking Residents to Have a Voice in Master Plans

SEGUIN, Texas – The City of Seguin is asking for the community’s feedback to update the City’s Comprehensive Plan and to create a new Downtown Master Plan.

The City’s Comprehensive Plan will set forth a vision and goals for Seguin’s future and will guide how the community develops over the next 20 to 30 years.

The Downtown Master Plan will help steer plans for future revitalization in historic downtown.

Residents are encouraged to have a voice in the forthcoming plans by responding to preliminary surveys for both plans. The surveys are part of a larger effort to engage the community during the plan development process.

"There are many voices in Seguin and we want to hear them all,” said Pamela Centeno, Director of Planning and Codes. “These Plans guide many of the decisions made about the future of this community.  The best way to be a part of those decisions is to participate in the surveys and public meetings as the Plans are created,” she said.

The comprehensive plan survey asks residents how they see Seguin today, and what they want Seguin to become.

The downtown plan survey asks residents about the current state of Seguin’s downtown, their priorities and vision for downtown, and how the area can be improved in the coming years.

Both surveys are currently open and residents have until Jan. 15, 2022 to complete the interactive surveys by visiting the project websites, and

“We certainly hope the public participates in the surveys and gets involved with the planning process because downtown really belongs to the whole community,” said Kyle Kramm, Seguin Main Street & CVB Director. “The only way for us to ensure the entire community feels welcome in downtown is to hear from all residents about their vision for what downtown will look like in 20 years,” he said.

When complete, the plan will examine how to attract new businesses and residents to downtown, how to make it easier to walk and find a parking space, encourage new developments, and create a vibrant gathering place in the heart of the city.

Throughout the planning process, the City plans to host opportunities for public involvement, including community meetings, surveys and engagement opportunities.

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