Mayor's Message

March 2018 Mayor's Message
“What’s new with the city?” - I get that question multiple times a day from folks as I go around town. Quite often, I really don’t know what to say. It’s not because there is nothing new – It’s because there is so much new nearly every day, and it’s hard to pick a single item or event. I usually just say “A lot!”

Just to illustrate the point, I’ve listed below many of our Utility and Public Works projects from 2017 that are underway, or have been recently completed. 

 General Fund Projects:

Downtown Sidewalk Projects – Underway

Manual Castillo Park Sidewalk Project – Completed

Guadalupe – Court to Nolte Sidewalk Project – Completed

Nolte – Guadalupe to Camp Sidewalk Project – Underway

Seguin Events Complex Improvements – Completed

Vaughan/San Antonio/Park West MPO Sidewalk Project – Underway

Bowl Pavilion Roof Replacement – Completed

Fire Station #3 Exterior Replacement – Underway

Walnut Springs Trail Phase II – Engineering Underway

CAD System/Records Management System Project – Underway

 Utility Projects:

River/Mountain/San Marcos water and sewer improvements – Completed

Heideke Street water, sewer, and electric improvements – Underway

Citywide LED Street Light Replacement Program – Completed

Walnut Branch Sewer Replacement and Upgrade – Completed

South River water and sewer replacement – Completed

123 Bypass Booster Pump Station Upgrade – Completed

Sagebiel Road Sewer Upgrade – Completed

Fairway Manor Lift Station Replacement – Completed

TCEQ Water Rights Diversion Application – Under TCEQ review.

North Austin Street Electric, Water, and Sewer relocation – Completed

Electric Reconductor – Heideke – IH-10 to 123 BP – Completed

Roosevelt Street Water and Sewer Replacement – Design underway

Hildalgo Street Water and Sewer Replacement – Design underway

King Street Water Main Replacement– Pine to Railroad Tracks –Design underway

Ave. B – Water is replaced, Sewer is underway.

Ave. C – Water and Sewer Replacement - Complete

Cherry Street Water and Sewer Replacement –College to Ireland – Completed

Gonzales Street Water Replacement and Sewer Pipebursting – King to Cherry – Completed

Water Plant Filter Replacement/Upgrade - Underway

Lucille Street Elevated Water Storage Tank Repainting – Engineering underway

Jefferson Overhead line Rebuild – Guadalupe to Ermel – Engineering underway

Strempel Road Utility Line Project - Underway

Street Repair Projects:

North Austin Street – Underway (TxDOT)

Heideke Street – Court to Kingsbury – Underway

Rio Nogales Street Extension to IH-10 – Underway

Tor Drive Reconstruction and Expansion – Underway

South River Street and Drainage – Completed

Roosevelt Street – Austin to Woodlawn – Design underway

Hildalgo Street – Kingsbury to New Braunfels – Design underway

King Street Reconstruction – Pine to Railroad Tracks – Design underway

Ave. B Zipper Project - Underway

Ave. C Zipper Project - Complete

Cherry Street Zipper Project– College to Ireland – Completed

Gonzales Street Zipper Project – King to Cherry – Completed

Hummingbird Street Zipper Project – 123 BP to Kingsbury – Completed

Cedar Street Zipper Project – 123 BP to King – Completed in time for opening of new high school

Strempel Road Reconstruction – 123B to 123BP – Underway

Rudeloff Road Phase I Expansion – Hwy. 46 to Huber – Engineering underway

These are only some of the Public Works and Utilities projects. I didn’t even mention the new Animal Control Facility, the new Utilities Operations Center, or all the new residential development plans underway, or all the new and continuing negotiations happening with our Economic Development crew.

Keep in mind, this is stuff that has either been completed or started over the past year or so.  We’ve got at least this many projects, or more in the pipeline for this year. There are at least 26 “Zipper” street repair projects alone planned for this year.

The cherry on top is that we are doing all this while still being financially responsible. We have just received our annual financial audit report, and received rave reviews from our auditors.  Our funds are increasing, and our reserves remain strong. Add all that to our steadily improving bond rating, and you have a city that’s running pretty darn well.

Gosh I love this town!


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