Capital Projects / Engineering


Development Services Center
108 E Mountain Street
Seguin , TX 78155


Contact Capital Projects / Engineering
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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bolton, Wade Project Inspector 830-401-2493  
Borchardt, Kenny Project Inspector 830-386-2593  
Herrera, Pam Capital Projects/Engineering Assistant 830-401-2776  
Hornung, Billy Project Engineer 830-401-2337  
Howell, Glenn ROW Inspector/Technician 830-401-2569  
Martinez, Pablo Project Engineer 830-386-2247  
Pekar, Matt Project Manager 830-401-2402  
Reynolds , Melissa Director of Engineering and Capital Projects 830-401-2776  
Sharp, Michael Project Manager 830-386-2585  
Shortess, Jennifer Assistant Director of Engineering 830-386-2239  
Waddell, Jesse Project Inspector 830-401-2336