In July 2016, the City of Seguin Electric Utilities was recognized as the Texas Public Power Association's (TPPA) System Achievement Award recipient for enhancing the prestige of public power and improvements in service customers.

It was two major projects that landed them the award, the first consisted of transforming the meter reading system from "handheld" device meter reading system to a fully integrated Automated Meter Reading (AMR/AMI) system. Initially an outside firm was to be hired to complete the work, after reviewing the swap out process City staff completed the project in-house, replacing 8,344 electric and 7,728 water meters, saving $500,000.

The new system improves service to customers by offering real-time, accurate meter reading through a two-way server, providing precise data and fewer estimated bills.The system notifies staff more timely of power outages and restoration notices at a specific residential address, resulting in an average of 14 minute SAIDI number(restoration) while delivering better customer service. 

The second project created a detailed catalogue of the City's infrastructure using Geographical Information System (GIS). The system records the latitude/longitude location of power lines, manholes, pad mount transformers, customer locations and makes them able to be viewed aerially on a map. The GIS System can easily be updated as improvements occur and maps are available for city planning, economic development and engineering.

All of the improvements undertaken by the City of Seguin Electric Utilities is aimed at maintaining the reliability of our electric system and providing the best customer service possible.

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"I've been in the electrical business since I was 19 years old - this award is definitely a career high for me. My guys work hard for our customers and they deserve the recognition," - Clarence Smith, Director of Electric Utilities

Staff on hand to receive the 2016 TPPA System Achievement Award are pictured above (left to right) Rick Cortes, Assistant City Manager, Leann Wilkerson, Utility Billing Supervisor, Clarence Smith, Director of Electric Utilities, and Doug Faseler, City Manager.


The City of Seguin participates in the Texas Lineman's Rodeo and the International Lineman Rodeo every year, in 2017 they will be adding the APPA Rodeo as well. The City of Seguin makes the Lineman's Rodeo part of the apprentices yearly training. 

The Lineman's Rodeo is an event created for lineworkers to showcase their skill in a fun, learning environment while creating working relationships between utilities. Friends and family are welcomed to the daily events and it provides the perfect atmosphere for participants to network with other apprentices and learn how other utilities operate and complete tasks. 

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