New Utility Accounts

** Information about setting up accounts is available by calling 830-401-2460. Customers are required to fill out an application in person at the Utility Billing Office or customers can also fill out a new service application online by clicking here.  Then scan the application or take a photo of it and email it along with the required documentation (copy of  lease/rental agreement or proof of ownership and copy of valid driver’s license or Texas identification card) to
. Deposits for new service can be made over the phone at 830-401-2460.

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Requirements for Residential service:
All locations must meet the city's code compliance regulation
*** Over 60? Click here for senior citizen billing information.

Requirements for Commercial service:
Please contact: Utility Billing 830-401-2460

Inspections are needed for locations:

  • Any time a residence has not had service for more than a year.
  • Any residence that has been red- tagged or placed on the Building and Standards list.


  • An application is required for utility service on the city’s prescribed form.
  • The application must be in the legal name of the person requesting utility service.
  • During this time, customers needing to set up accounts for utility service can come to the Utility Billing Office at City Hall or email Customers can also fill out a new service application online by clicking here, scan it or take a photo of it and email it along with the required documentation (copy of  lease/rental agreement or proof of ownership and copy of valid driver’s license or Texas identification card) to
  • A lease/rental agreement or proof of ownership is also required for anyone requesting service.
  • Deposits for new service can be made over the phone at 830-401-2460. 


  • A valid Texas driver’s license or Texas identification card is required.
  • An out of state drivers license is accepted for first time service only, thereafter a valid Texas driver’s license or Texas identification card will be required

Residential Deposits:
A report from Online Utility Exchange will be used to determine if a deposit is required.
$ 150.00 Electric
$   50.00 Water
$   60.00 Water (outside City Limits)
$   25.00 Garbage Only Accounts

  • Security deposits are held for three years. After three years with no returned checks or disconnects for non-payment your security deposit will be applied to the account.
  • If moving within the city’s service area the security deposit will transfer to the new account, however, if the customers credit history is not acceptable, additional deposits may be required.
  • If service is terminated, the security deposit will be applied to the final bill.

Service Connections:

  • Applications for new service will be accepted up until 4:30 pm. Application and security deposit must be completed before 2 pm, provided location meets code compliance requirements for same day service.
  • Requests made after 2 pm will be done the next business day.
  • Reconnection for non-payment - Payment must be received before 2 pm or service will be reconnected the next business day.
  • See below for After Hours connections.

Disconnect Services/Payment Arrangements:
For past due accounts, please contact Utility Billing at 830-401-2460 to make payment arrangements to avoid any disconnection of services.

Click here for the form to disconnect/terminate services.

  • The signature of the account holder is required to a disconnect services and you will need a valid DL or ID to do so.
  • Faxed, mailed, or emailed requests for disconnection are accepted. They must include name on utility account, DL or ID number, telephone number, date service is to be disconnected and forwarding address.
  • Same day disconnects are available if requested by 2 pm if time permits, otherwise it will be disconnected the next business day.

Connection Fees:
$ 25.00 Residential Electric
$ 25.00 All Water
$ 30.00 Commercial/LPL/Industrial Electric
$ 25.00 Security Light, Per Light
***These charges will appear on your first month’s bill.

Security Light set up fee:
$ 100.00 Existing Pole, 100 or 150 Watt
$ 250.00 Installation of Wood Pole, 100 or 150 Watt
$ 430.00 Existing Pole, 1500 Watt
$ 580.00 Installation of Wood Pole, 1500 Watt
Steel Or Composite Pole-Actual Cost

After Hours Connections:
Transactions after 2:00 p.m. weekdays
$ 40.00 Electric
$ 40.00 Water
***These charges must be paid in advance and are in addition to regular connection charges.

Administrative Fees:
If your bill is not paid by the final payment date, it will appear on the cutoff list and the following administrative fees will be applied:
$20.00 Electric
$20.00 Water
$20.00 Garbage Only Accounts

Garbage Service:

  • The city provides garbage service for residential customers only. This includes one ninety-gallon container per residence.
  • The garbage container must be set out at the curbside or alley no later than 6 am
  • To request an additional cart, click here for a fillable application or stop by the Utility Billing Office at Seguin City Hall for an application. There will be an additional fee per additional cart billed to your account each month.
  • ** No personal containers will be picked up. **

Items that will not be picked up are:

  • Construction debris-lumber, plywood, carpeting, etc.
  • Hazardous chemicals/Materials-paints, tires
  • Appliances with Freon
  • Please note only eight bags of leaves or yard trimmings will be picked up per week.

For Items that cannot be picked-up you may contact the following County Collection Stations for hours of operation and fees:

  • Kingsbury Landfill, 830-303-9317 (Wednesday-Saturday from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm)
    FM2438 & CR 204 (Old Luling-Seguin Rd.)
  • Seguin Collections - CLOSED
  • Marion Collection, 830-420-3517 (Wednesday-Saturday from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm)
    FM 78 & Vernell St., on east side of Marion

Companies approved to pick up Commercial Garbage within the City of Seguin:

  • Apache Disposal        830-914-3900
  • Progressive Waste     830-401-4209
  • Republic Services      210-648-5222
  • Tiger Sanitation          210-333-4257

Recycling: (Curbside Residential)
Items collected- NO SORTING NECESSARY:

  • Rinsed plastic bottles
  • Rinsed jugs
  • Rinsed glass
  • Paper
  • Rinsed metal cans

Brush Collection:

  • The brush collection service entitles each resident to 15 minutes of brush/limb collection during your area’s scheduled collection week each month, free of charge.
  • Brush will be picked up between Monday and Friday of your collection week and must out by that Monday morning to assure pick-up.
  • Brush/Limbs should be cut and stacked neatly at the edge of your street or curb line of your residence, not on the street. If you have alley pick-up, brush should be placed at the property line adjoining the city alley, please do not block any portion of the alley. Brush shall be limited to five (5) feet in length, twelve (12) inches in diameter (this is the maximum diameter that our chippers can accept), and forty (40) pounds in weight for any single branch.

Brush collectors cannot remove the following items:

  • Mixed Piles (garbage, lumber or bulky items)
  • Yard trimmings (leaves, grass, etc. should be bagged for garbage pick-up, Waste Connections will pick up six bags per week)
  • Banana plants, palm leaves, cactus or bamboo (These items must be bundled or placed in garbage container.)

For larger piles, out of route pickups or more information contact the Public Works Department at (830) 401-2416

***Free Wood chip Mulch is available for Seguin residential customers at Recycling Center on Fred Byrd Drive.

Penalty Exempt:
According to Texas Utilities Code Chapter 182.002 and 182.003, an elderly individual age 60 or older, may request a delay without penalty the payment date of a bill for utility services provided to them until the 25th day after the date the bill is issued. This applies only to residential customers and those that occupy the entire premises for which a delay is requested. These sections also allows for an elderly person to request a delay without penalty of subsequent bills.

- 60 or older.
- Residential customers only.
- Disabled, with proof of government disability income.
- If eligible for the exemption you must come to our office with your ID and sign our senior citizen form.

Utility Rates (Water, Wastewater, Electric, Security Lights, Solid Waste, Curbside Recycling)click here

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