Command Staff

Chief Kevin Kelso
Kevin Kelso
Chief of Police

Deputy Chief B. Ure

Bruce Ure
Deputy Chief of Police

Captain V. Pacheco

Victor Pacheco

Captain of Operations

Lieutenant M McCann
Mike McCann
Criminal Investigation Lieutenant

Wright, Lance

Lance Wright

Patrol Lieutenant

Sergeant M. Martinez
Marcos Martinez
Training/Professional Services Sergeant

Sergeant J. Springer
Jimmy Springer
Patrol Sergeant

Sergeant C. Kado
Kado Cato
Patrol Sergeant

Sergeant A. Seidenberger
Aaron Seidenberger
Patrol Sergeant

Sergeant B. Cavazos
Bruno Cavazos
Patrol Sergeant

Edwards, Lauren

Lauren Edwards

Telecommunications Supervisor

M.C. Meyers
M.C. Myers
Records Supervisor

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