Max Starcke Park

Starcke Park East playscape
Max Starcke Park
A 227 acre park located along the scenic Guadalupe River. The park property was a pecan orchard prior to the park's dedication in 1938. The park offers a variety of recreational activities that include a regulation 18-hole golf course, Wave Pool, natural fishing area, paddling trail, walking trail (0.8 miles), tennis, basketball and volleyball courts. For children, there is a Kids Kingdom Playscape and the Little League baseball-softball complex. Pavilion and picnic areas are available throughout the park. For more information please call (830) 401-2480.
Saffold Dam
Named for William Saffold, who owned land here in the mid 1800's, Saffold Dam is typical of many mill dams built during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Originally a natural rock outcropping, the dam was first improved by Henry Troell in the late 1800's when he added rock to the dam to raise the water level to power a cotton gin. The City of Seguin bought Troell's property in 1907 to further develop the river's hydroelectricity, and subsequent improvements have led to the establishment of a hydroelectric plant on the dam's south side.

 Power Plant dam

Recreational use of the Guadalupe River in Max Starcke Park is currently restricted in the designated "Restricted Safe Zone" by Court Order prompted by a spillgate failure on Lake Dunlap in fall 2019. Pole fishing from the riverbank is permitted, except near the City of Seguin Water Treatment Plant.

Recreational water activities including swimming, wading and tubing are currently prohibited in the Guadalupe River along Max Starcke Park.

Boating, jet skiing, canoeing and kayaking are only permitted in the designated “Restricted Unsafe Zone" in yellow. Life jackets are required. 

Pole fishing from the riverbank is permitted, except just upstream of the Saffold Dam near the City of Seguin Water Treatment Plant.

Potential danger zones throughout the six Guadalupe Valley Lakes were determined by an expert panel. Click to view the report detailing which parts of lakes McQueeney, Placid and Meadow are "prohibited unsafe" and "restricted unsafe.”  Click here for additional information on Guadalupe Valley Lakes restricted and prohibited zones.

prohibited unsafe zone map

restricted unsafe zone map

Texas Paddling Trail

Seguin Paddling Trail (Lake Seguin):  Access from Max Starcke Park West near Bowl Pavilion. This is a four mile paddling trail designed for beginning or novice paddlers, with no shuttle or portage necessary. Float time is 1-3 hours (depending on time spent on river, water level, flow rate and wind speed).

Seguin Paddling Trail (Lake Nolte/Meadow Lake): Access at Max Starcke Park East. With two different access points, this paddling trail on the Guadalupe River offers paddlers a variety of opportunities to create their own trip from 2.6 miles up to 8.4 miles in length. This trail is perfect for beginners since no shuttle is needed.


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