About Main Street

Seguin is a Charter Member of the Texas Main Street program, of the Texas Historical Commission, a program dedicated to the economic revitalization of downtown through historic preservation. Seguin's Main Street Program is recognized as an Accredited National Main Street City by the National Trust for HiAccredited Logostoric Preservation.

Following the National Main Street's Four Point Approach, Seguin works to revitalize downtown Seguin using Economic Vitality, Design, Promotion and Organization.  Economic Vitality through making the most of a community’s unique sense of place and existing historic assets, harnessing local economic opportunity and creating a supportive business environment for small businesses. Design supports a community’s transformation by enhancing the physical elements of downtown while capitalizing on unique assets that set the commercial district apart.  Through Promotion, downtown is positioned as the center of the community and hub of economic activity. The Organization
strategy area mobilizes the resources and partners needed to effectively show
measurable outcomes from a Main Street revitalization effort. 


Downtown Seguin strives to be a pedestrian-friendly, attractive, safe and desirable center for business, leisure and entertainment incorporating and celebrating the unique history, architecture and ethnicity of the community. 


The mission of the Seguin Main Street Program is to facilitate, through community input and implementation of the Main Street Program Four-Point approach of Design, Organization, Economic Vitality, and Promotions, the changes needed to create as reality the vision for downtown.  This includes recommending changes in local laws, encouraging private sector reinvestment, inviting the entire community to use and celebrate in the historic heart of the community, and laying the foundation for a viable future by facilitating appropriate planning and financial support to secure the future of downtown as the heart of Seguin.

Core values

Partnership – As downtown revitalization cannot be done alone, the Seguin Main Street Program strives to build partners to assist in the continued revitalization of downtown.

Integrity – The Seguin Main Street Program should strive to protect the integrity of Seguin’s historic character and the integrity of the program.

Positivity – The Seguin Main Street Program should strive to always promote a positive image of downtown Seguin and the strength of doing business in downtown. 


The Mayor and City Council appoint a nine-member advisory board to help direct efforts to revitalize downtown Seguin. The Main Street Advisory Board meets monthly unless there is no business to attend to at the Seguin Development Services Center, Conference Room, located at 108 East Mountain Street in downtown Seguin. All meetings are open and the public is invited to participate.


Anna Moreno             12/31/2022

Natalie Jones             12/31/2022

Ashley Hopper           12/31/2023

Wanda Rosales          12/31/2023

Fonda Mathis              12/31/2023

Vacancy                       12/31/2023

Heath Anders              12/31/2024

Shelly Jackson            12/31/2024

Gregg Woodall            12/31/2024

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