Central Fire Station

Central Fire Station is located at 110 Elm St. at the corner of N. Austin and Elm St. just a few blocks from downtown. Central Fire Station was constructed in 1949 as the Memorial Police & Fire Station dedicated in memory of the service men and women of the nation's armed forces. In early 2001 Central Fire Station was rededicated as the Roger G. MyCue fire station in memory of Fire Chief Roger MyCue who passed away that same year.

South Hwy 46 Fire Station (Station 2)

Station 2 is located at 650 S. Hwy 46. Construction was completed in May of 2004 and it has replaced an older station located on Vaughn Avenue. Station 2 was dedicated in memory of Charles S. Gregg a former Assistant Chief of the Seguin Volunteer Fire Department.

North 123 Bypass Fire Station (Station 3)
Fire Station #3
Station 3 is located at 1330 N. 123 Bypass and is our newest addition. Construction was completed in June of 2007 and it has replaced an older station located on N. Austin St.


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