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Home Based Activities

In an effort to support families at home, we have gathered free digital resources to access and home based activities to take part in. We want to encourage our patrons to keep learning and growing while "Staying Home" and practicing social distancing.

Nature Walk and Outdoor Scavenger Hunt - Explore your backyard and nature as you complete the scavenger hunt. Take a picture of what you find and share with us on social media. (All ages)

Craft Stick Stories - Whether you’re crafting a piece of artwork, writing a poem, or just having fun, Craft Stick Stories are a great way to help you think outside the box, and add some flare to your next creative project. (All ages)

Storyland Virtual Escape Room - Venture in this Virtual Escape Room if you’re prepared to maneuver your way through Storyland. Inside you’ll travel to lands, meet character, and meet dangers you never thought you’d experience. Can you escape and get back to reality? (All ages)

Shark Bookmark - Follow along as Youth Services Assistant Bailey Jo Simpson teaches how to make a shark bookmark. (All ages)

DIY Zine - Create a Zine with this tutorial! No staples or tape needed! Personalize your zine and share it with others. A zine (pronounced zeen) is a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images. Get creative with your zines, write a personal zine about you daily life, comic zine, art zine, poetry zine, cooking zine, or a fanzine (a zine about something you love). (All ages)

Modified VersionCreate a journal type of Zine with this DIY tutorial. (All ages)

Learn to Crochet - Follow along as Library Assistant Mara Benitez teaches beginner's crochet in three lessons. (Reccomended for Teens and Adults)
Beginner Hand Sewing Video Series - Follow along as Library Assistant Mara Benitez teaches the basics of hand sewing. (Reccomended for Teens and Adults)
Galaxy Painting DIY - Follow along as Library Assistant Mara Benitez teaches how to make a galaxy-themed painting. (Reccomended for Teens and Adults)

Color Our Collections Coloring Book  - Our library put together a coloring book featuring the Amy Freeman Lee Limited Editions Club collection. (Reccomended for Teens and Adults)

Tai Chi class - Follow GRMC's Barry Jackson for a 40 minute Tai Chi class. (Adults only)


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