Seguin offers sufficient power supply for virtually any business with a distributing capacity of 100MW.  The Lower Colorado River Authority and CPS Energy deliver power to Seguin at three substations within Seguin.  The City of Seguin maintains and manages power distribution within its service area.  For more information on City of Seguin electric service, please call (830) 401-2401.

Additionally, the Guadlaupe Valley Electric Cooperative services Seguin and the surrounding region.  GVEC has proven to be a great partner to Seguin, assisting companies as they relocate to Seguin.  GVEC is a leader in customer satisfaction and green energy.

Finally, Rio Nogales, a state of the art power facility in Seguin is an 800 MW natural gas, combined-cycle plant which produces enough energy to meet the needs of 250,000 homes.  The plant features a combined-cycle facility with three natural gas turbines.

Photo Courtesy of Robert Gardner


Seguin has secured an uninterruptible supply of water ensuring the area will have an ample water supply to meet its growing needs until 2050.  The City of Seguin has partnered with a neighboring community to drill wells in the surrounding counties.  These wells will see that Seguin continues to have a steady supply of clean drinking water for several generations.  For more info on the City of Seguin Water Utility, please call (830) 401-2401.

Seguin operates two wastewater treatment facilities each with a total treatment capacity of over seven million gallons a day, and both facilities have excess available capacity more customers.


Centerpoint Energy has a long history of community involvement and continues that traition of investing in the communities they serve throuh their Community Relations Programs.  Each year, Centerpoint employees and retirees volunteer an  average of 100,000 hours of personal time in the communities they serve - at a value of more than $1.8 million according to recent figures.

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