The town square next to the courthouse, between Austin and River, Donegan and Nolte Streets, was dedicated as a market square "to the people of Seguin forever."

Today it holds a new statue of Juan N. Seguin.

The park boasts several historical markers and a recently restored art deco fountain with multi-colored lights.

Vintage cast-iron street lamps were reproduced to surround the park. The originals, erected in 1922 to honor the dead of World War I, proudly lighted "Seguin's White Way."

The famous Whipping Oak can be found on the north side of the square. Face the courthouse to find the iron hook in its trunk. After being sentenced, prisoners were tied here to receive their lashes.

A Hanging Tree stood for decades at the corner in front of the Plaza Hotel. But after the streets were paved with asphalt, rainfall drained into storm sewers and the tree's roots were starved for water. It eventually died. Its pathetic remains were moved to the Heritage Village complex.

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