Why do we need this?

There are a number of factors that have led the City of Seguin to implement a stormwater utility including regulatory obligations, residential growth (current and anticipated) and growing infrastructure and maintenance needs. The City has identified capital projects and significant maintenance items related to stormwater (drainage) that are not currently funded through the general fund. These capital projects are designed to address existing localized flooding issues, street ponding and provide the capacity necessary for future development and redevelopment. The improvements will also upgrade the City street network.

Also, Federal and State regulations on stormwater management will be required due to the growth in this region and the impending population surge in Seguin. Regulations are becoming more restrictive and the City must comply with those regulations as well. The Stormwater Utility Rate will help meet these challenges. Supported by equitable fees, the Stormwater Utility Rate provides a dedicated funding source to reduce localized flooding, replace and add additional storm sewer pipes, reduce creeks, stream/riverbank erosion, and meet regulatory requirements to reduce stormwater pollution.

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1. What is stormwater?
2. What is a Stormwater Utility rate?
3. What is an impervious area?
4. What is not an impervious surface?
5. I have a gravel parking area. Is that impervious?
6. Why do we need this?
7. Is the Stormwater Rate a tax?
8. How is the Stormwater Utility Rate determined?
9. How much is the Stormwater Utility Rate?
10. Who is required to pay the Stormwater Utility Rate?
11. Are there any properties that are exempt from paying the Stormwater Utility Rate?
12. Why is the Stormwater Utility Rate added to the water bill?
13. Do other cities in the area charge a Stormwater Utility Rate?
14. I don't have storm sewers in my neighborhood, I shouldn't pay
15. What if I collect runoff water for my garden?
16. I am renting a house. Do I have to pay this fee?
17. Do I pay a stormwater rate if I live in an apartment?
18. Where does out money go to stormwater projects?
19. Why the need to spend more for stormwater?
20. There are several areas of Seguin that flood. How will priority areas be determined for projects?
21. Why should I pay for rain falling on my property?
22. How can I appeal the rate charged on my bill?