Property owners can appeal the Stormwater Utility Rate on their utility (water-electric-garbage/recycling) bill for potential billing errors or inaccuracies. Only one application per address (or parcel) is allowed. Appeals will be processed in accordance with City of Seguin Code of Ordinances Section 102-264.

If you think your property is being billed inaccurately, complete the online appeal application, and search for Stormwater Utility Fee Appeal Application. Note the following documentation requirements, depending on your property type and the nature of your appeal:

  • A non-residential property owner shall provide a copy of a survey or site plan created within the past 12 months, indicating in square feet all impervious surfaces on the parcel. Documentation is required to be signed and sealed by a PE or RPLS licensed in the state of Texas. All measurements are subject to verification by City staff.
  • A residential property owner shall provide a description of the parcel that does not contain any impervious cover or documentation that all impervious cover has been removed. Please provide a map or site plan if possible.

The Stormwater Utility Rate is based on impervious area on the property. These areas do not absorb water like natural areas, so Stormwater that falls on impervious area drains to the street, ditches, and creeks that make up our Stormwater utility system. Impervious areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Footprint of any roofed area (e.g., homes, detached garages, sheds, or buildings)
    Note: This is not the same as the Guadalupe County Appraisal District building area.
  • Driveways (concrete, brick, or stone)
  • Patios (concrete, brick, or stone)
  • Decks (lumber, concrete, brick, or stone)
  • Sidewalks (concrete, brick, or stone)
  • Basketball/tennis/pickleball courts
  • Compacted gravel or base surfaces
  • Artificial turf covered areas
  • Parking lots (concrete, asphalt, or compacted gravel)