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Regarding Temporary Food Permits - 

* PLEASE NOTE * To allow adequate time for scheduling inspections with Health and Fire Inspectors, applicants are encouraged to submit this application 14 days prior to the scheduled event. Incomplete applications and applications submitted less than three (3) days prior to the event may not be approved.

  In the case of food trucks/trailers, inspections scheduled as far in advance as possible allow time for corrections to be made should a unit fail inspection. Food trucks/trailers that do not have a passing fire inspection will not be allowed to operate at the temporary event and will be required to remove the unit from the premises.

  Application for a permit does not guarantee that a permit will be granted. Permit approval is based upon compliance with state and local health ordinances, and with other applicable departmental requirements. 

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To apply, access the Customer Self Service (CSS) Portal by going to eportal.seguintexas.gov. Online applications must be submitted for Food Establishment Licenses, Temporary Food Permits, and Mobile Food Vendor Licenses. 

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