Welcome to Seguin, where we take pride in giving our visitors a real, authentic Texas Experience. Come and explore the solid foundation our city was built upon. From historic relics of the past like our "limecrete" structures to our bustling Main Street with local shops and authentic Texas eateries, there is something in Seguin for everyone to enjoy.

We are NUTS about our historyOriginal World's Largest Pecan

The original World's Largest Pecan was erected in Downtown Seguin in 1962 and still sits in front of the Guadalupe County Courthouse. A passion project of a local dentist, this pecan paid homage to Cabeza de Vaca, who was held captive on the "river of nuts," AKA the Guadalupe River, for nine years. Pecans grow readily in this region and Guadalupe County is considered to be one of the largest pecan producers in Texas.

Visitors to Seguin enjoy partaking in our nutty history by visiting the pecan statues, eating delicious pecan treats, and drinking tasty pecan ales at our local brewery.