Library Card

Our goal is for every resident of Guadalupe County to have a library card. If you live or own property within Guadalupe County, you are eligible for a free library card. Library cards expire every year.

The library offers regular library cards and e-cards for residents of Guadalupe County. Non-Residents may apply for a regular card. The fee for non-residents is $25.00 per year. Non-Residents may also apply for a regular card by bringing a current TexShare card from their home library.

  1. Guadalupe County Residents
  2. Out of County Residents
  3. TexShare Cardholders
  4. Required Documentation
  5. Lost Cards

Guadalupe County residents may apply for a regular card with full privileges or they may apply for an E-card. The E-card will only allow access to online resources. All required documentation and procedure are listed under the Required Documentation tab.

Regular Library Cards

  • Customers must apply for a regular library card in person at one of the library's service desks. 
  • There is no minimum age requirement for library card holders. Children may get a library card if they can write/sign their name on the application form and the library card. 
  • Parents must sign and be present for any minor under the age of 16.
  • ID and proof of address documentation must be presented. 


  • The library offers free e-cards to residents of Guadalupe County. An e-card provides access only to our digital/online resources. You may apply for an e-Card by completing the online application and emailing it to the library.
  • Customers who do not have an existing account with the Seguin Public Library can apply for e-cards during normal operation hours. 
  • An e-card may be converted to a regular card by coming to the library and presenting  an ID and proof of address documentation (see Required Documentation tab.)


  • Library card privileges are valid for one year. Cardholders will be notified 14 days before the card expires. 
  • If you are a resident of Guadalupe County, you can renew your privileges by email, by text at 830-549-4698, or by calling the library at 830-401-2422 as long as there is no change of residence. If you have moved, then you must renew in person and provide the required documentation listed under the Required Documentation tab.
  • With a regular library card, customers are allowed to check out up to 30 items at any given time. Up to 5 DVDs/Blu-Rays can be checked out as part of the 30 items.
  • With an e-card, customers only have access to online resources.
  • By logging into your account you can access our online resources, renew materials, place holds, offer purchase suggestions, review materials, maintain a wish list or just keep up with your items online.