The Seguin Fire Marshal's Office conducts inspections on all buildings in the city limits.  We also conduct construction inspection for compliance with the International Fire Code and local amendments.

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Currently Seguin Fire Marshal's Office is following the NFPA codes listed below.  This list is subject to change with the publication of new editions.

Code                                                                                                                                                                      Edition

NFPA 10 – Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers                                                                                     2022

NFPA 13 - Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems                                                                     2022

NFPA 13R - Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems in Low-Rise Residential                        2022

NFPA 13D – Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems in One and Two family                        2022                                                                                            Dwellings and Manufactured Homes

NFPA 14 – Standard for the Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems                                               2019

NFPA 17 - Standard for Dry Chemical Extinguishing Systems                                                                    2021

NFPA 17A - Standard for Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems                                                                2021

NFPA 20 - Standard for the Installation   of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection                                2022

NFPA 22 – Standard for Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection                                                              2023

NFPA 24 – Standard for the Installation of Private Fire Service Mains                                                    2022

NFPA 25 – Standard for the Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based                             2023                                                                                         Fire Protection Systems

NFPA 30 – Flammable & Combustible Liquids Code                                                                                  2021

NFPA 58 – Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code (current edition adopted by TRRC)                                     2017

NFPA 72 – National Fire Alarm & Signaling Code                                                                                        2022

Knox Lock Boxes

Knox Boxes are to be installed at exterior access doors to the fire protection riser rooms or other identified locations as required by the Fire Marshal.

Knox Boxes are ordered online from Knox and are assigned a unique key core for the City of Seguin Fire Department.