SRE Adult Activities

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You can substitute any activity in the gameboard with another one from this list. Remember to make Facebook posts "public" to share them with us for reposting. You can also email you photos and stores to and we can share them on our page. 

  • Share with us your list of top 10 historical, unique and fun facts about Seguin, Texas.
  • Write a poem about our amazing community and share it on social media or by email, but you can also share it in person during open mic night. Your poem should reflect this year's theme "All Together Now" and include street names, places, businesses, and organizations located in Seguin. 
  • Gather your friends and complete the community coloring kit. If you wish, when you are together, you may enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. 
  • Create "something new" with reused or recycled materials. Your new "thing" can be artistic or useful. 
  • Write a short story that reflects the spirit and ideas of our community. 
  • Gather your friends and family members and complete the Chopped challenge. Pick up the list of required ingredients from the library and create a culinary masterpiece. We will gather all the submitted recipes and create an Electronic Community Cookbook. 
  • Complete this year's "Community Scavenger Hunt." Solve the riddles and find more hidden jewels from our great community.
  • Create an "All Together Now" playlist. You can include songs that are about unity. being together, team, teamwork, community, friendship, being there for friends, working together, offering support. 
  • Gather your friends and create a "Friendship" dancing TikTok video. 
  • Stream a murder mystery/police procedural film from biblio+ or Kanopy. 
  • Read an article about animals from Libby's e-magazines or Newsbank's e-newspapers. 
  • Read a nonfiction or fiction ebook about firefighters from SimplyE, CloudLibrary or Libby.