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Join other Texans in this Free 8-week program, as they walk 832 miles towards a healthier lifestyle. Participants are encouraged to interact with Lisa Whittemore from Better Living for Texans - Texas A&M Agri Life Extension every Friday as she goes on walks around the library to Walk Across Texas. 

8 member teams can  register or individual can be grouped into teams.

Every week participants must log miles and track teams progress. Registration is required to participate.

The Walk Across Texas! program encourages people to develop a habit of regular physical activity. Teams and individuals walk - or run, dance, garden, swim or do any other form of exercise - for an eight-week period.

Each 20 minutes of exercise counts as one mile. At the end of that time each team's or person's total mileage is added up. 

*Up to 8 members per team.

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