Covered Pavilion Pricing and General Information

City of Seguin Park Covered Pavilion Pricing:

  • L1/L2/Starcke Bowl (Large Pavilions) =$30/hour 
  • M1/M2 (Medium Pavilions) =$15/hour 
  • P1-P22=(Small Pavilions) =$10/hour 

The only pavilions that have electricity available are L1, L2, M1 and Starcke Bowl. 

Amusement permits can be added to your covered pavilion rental at L1, L2, M1 and Starcke Bowl.  The Amusement Permit Fee is $20.  In addition, if you will have an amusement vendor provide services at your event, a Certificate of Liability insurance in the amount of $1 million dollars is required to be supplied from the vendor for your reservation and permit to be valid. 

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