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Code Compliance

Tim Ramirez – Code Compliance Officer

Code compliance is one of the department's major activities. This includes enforcement of the City's weedy lot and junk vehicle ordinances, investigating illegal trash dumping, insect and rodent control, sewer violations, and other situations which may pose a threat to public health. This department employs an Environmental Health Supervisor and a Code Enforcement Officer to administer the city's code enforcement activities. Please call Tommy Schriewer at 830-401-2432 or Tim Ramirez at 830-401-2438 for more information.

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Building and Standards Commission

The Building & Standards Commission is comprised of (5) regular members and (4) alternates appointed by the City Council. The Commission is charged with enforcement of the city's dilapidated structures ordinance. Meeting the second Monday of each month, the Commission hears testimony from property owners who have been notified of unsafe and dilapidated structures, and takes appropriate action to abate these dangerous situations. This may include granting the property owner time to make necessary repairs or demolition, if necessary. To get more information on this Commission, contact Tim Ramirez, Code Compliance Officer, at 830-401-2438.

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