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Long-time city Street Sweeper saves a life on the job

Long-time city Street Sweeper saves a life on the job

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SEGUIN, Texas –Juan Villarreal has been a Street Sweeper Operator with the City of Seguin for 23 years. However, it wasn’t his experience behind the wheel of his truck that helped him save...

Mayor’s Message

Mayor's Message - May 2016

I’m issuing another “adage alert”.

Here goes: “You can’t live with ‘em, and you can’t live without ‘em”. Or how about the old proverbial “double edged sword”?  We’ve all had to choose whether we want the “good news or bad news” first. Then there’s “a blessing and a curse”.

There is nothing in our present culture that these adages apply to more than that wonder of modernity known as social media. You may be using it right now to read this article.

I think I’ll tackle the “good news” first.

I love Facebook. It keeps us informed better than ever before. Our City Public Information Officer, Morgan Ash, does a great job of posting all the “real” things going on in Seguin to our City Facebook page.  If you want to stay informed about what is going on in the city on an almost hourly basis, go to our Facebook page, “like” it and click “allow notifications”.  You will then be sent email notifications every time something is posted to our page.

Everything from street closures, utility outages, storm alerts, community activities, city council actions, police and fire activity, and new business startups – virtually everything that touches city government in a real way is posted on this page every day. It’s an incredibly valuable information resource of “real” information for the community, and a “real” blessing.

Social media has been a great tool for crime fighting as well. Just this past week, our Police Department’s use of Facebook helped solve a murder.

Other real blessings are the great photos, videos and personal milestones real people post and share with their friends – real or imagined. Because of this great resource, more friends and families are in touch with each other and better informed than ever. Old friends are brought together, and long-lost family members are brought back into the fold.

Truthfully, I appreciate the public comments people make on Facebook– both positive and negative, but only if the statements are made by informed, intelligent people using facts and logic to reinforce what they say. Hearing thoughtful criticism from concerned citizens is part of my job, and I need to hear it all – good or bad.

I will admit that being in public office has made me kind of numb to much of what is “discussed” on Facebook. I’ve gotten used to the fact that whatever I do, or whatever event occurs in the city, there will probably be a mention on Facebook.  I have come to expect the snarky comments that some people put on public display in social media.  I get it. I’m in the public eye, and a very big target. I’m not going to sit here and whine about it. If I took every snarky comment made about the city or me to heart, I’d probably be on suicide watch. On the other hand – I absolutely love the many kind and wonderful positive comments made by intelligent and thoughtful people who love this town as much as I do. 

I’ve done all this set-up to get to the “bad news” side of the coin.

What seems to puzzle me the most about social media is that no matter how much information we pump out, too many people remain completely oblivious to virtually everything going on here in our fair city. I know it’s impossible to be aware of everything going on, but is it possible to be blind to everything as well?

To wit: A couple of weeks ago, while ranting against the city on Facebook, a citizen stated that nothing had changed in Seguin for 20 years. Really? Even with all that’s happening around here, and so much that is placed in every medium possible, some people still think nothing has changed.

It breaks my heart.

Can it be that somehow they can’t see all the great things that real people have been building in this real city for the past decade? You can’t drive or walk more than a few blocks anywhere in Seguin without seeing that something real has been repaired, replaced, improved or added. To these poor people, I plead - please pull your face out of your phone for a few minutes, and look at this real Texas city growing, changing and improving all around you, for crying out loud! I think you’ll like what you see.

Gosh I love this town!


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