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Firefighter works to expand knowledge and capabilities of department

Firefighter works to expand knowledge and capabilities of department

Firefighter/Paramedic & Fields Training Officer

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SEGUIN, Texas – Firefighter/Paramedic and Field Training Officer Richard Chalk was nominated and chosen as September’s Employee of the Month for two major contributions to the department.


Mayor’s Message

Mayor's Message - August 2016

Here are some random thoughts as we slog through the remaining days of summer 2016.

• The splash pad and the wave pool have been great ways to keep everyone cool and entertained this past summer. The disc golf course in Starcke Park East is now open and ready for play – just think – golfing in the shade of a beautiful pecan orchard.  This all proves that you don’t need Pokemon Go to have outdoor fun in Seguin.

•  I just realized the other day that I had not eaten at a New Braunfels restaurant in at least 2 years! Think about it - Seguin now has a full array of dining options.  You don’t have to go out of town anymore for a special night out. Virtually every price range and a huge variety of ethnic foods from around the world are now available right here. I hated that evening drive over there anyway, with the hot sun blasting my face from the west – not to mention the traffic! Please get out and support our local restaurants – We’ve got some great food (and drink) in this town.

•  Seguin is truly an international city now. Here is some evidence:

Last month, as Marty and I came out of Sunday services at St. Andrews, we noticed a group of 4 people roaming the parish courtyard. It turns out they were a Houston couple, who were natives of Taiwan, along with a couple visiting from Taiwan. They were here on a weekend excursion, and staying at the Park Plaza. They were obviously pleased and impressed with our beautiful downtown, Walnut Springs, and Central Park. They were here for no other reason than to just soak in the culture of our Real Texas small town. Hey, we’re a hit in Taiwan, folks!

I spoke with Jenny Savage of the Park Plaza last week, and at that time, she had guests from Germany and Ireland staying in the hotel.

Continental Automotive is a German corporation, and has visitors from Germany on a regular basis. By the way, did you know that Continental Automotive is our largest local employer at approximately 1,700 people?

Grupo Siro is a Spanish company, and will have people from Spain and Chile here managing their plant. I know many people here have forgotten about Grupo Siro, but your city government has not.  If you remember, Siro is the baking facility that will be built just north of the Niagara bottling plant on IH 10. The Seguin facility is their first US project, so it is taking a bit of time. They have selected a general contractor, and should begin construction in January. Expect a lot of people from Spain visiting here in the near future.

The Caterpillar engine plant is a state of the art robotics facility that assembles most of the 6 cylinder engines used in Caterpillar equipment worldwide. Caterpillar customers from around the world visit here regularly to see how their engines are made.

•  Get ready to put on your protest shoes and head to Austin for the TCEQ decision on the Post Oak Dump. At the time of this writing, nothing has yet been heard from the State Administrative Court as to their recommendations, but TCEQ can do whatever it wants, despite the court’s ruling. This should happen sometime in September or October.

•  Get ready for the new Seguin Public Library opening on September 8th. If you haven’t seen this magnificent building on the banks of Walnut Branch, you are really missing something. It is truly a blending of nature and modern architecture, and without a doubt is THE most beautiful building in town.  It is the crown jewel of the Walnut Springs linear park, and will be a destination venue for out of town visitors, including all those international visitors I mentioned above.

Gosh, I love this town!

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