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Juan Rivera recognized for tackling difficult IT projects at PD

Juan Rivera recognized for tackling difficult IT projects at PD

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SEGUIN, Texas – Public Safety and Radio Technician, Juan Rivera, was selected as the October 2016 Employee of the Month. He was nominated by his supervisor James Vassar for his dedication in...

Mayor’s Message

Mayor's Message - October 2016

Over the past year, Marty and I have entertained a lot of visitors from out of town. Many of those visitors haven’t been to Seguin in a few years.  What a treat to take them out for a ride around town!

It is amazing and refreshing to see the town through the eyes of others. Hey, I know we’ve improved things around town.  It’s what we try to do. My problem is that I’m so busy looking for what is broken and needs to be fixed, that I often forget to notice all the things that are attractive and appealing. I know that people who live here also have this problem.  So let’s all take a look around town through the eyes of some visitors.

For folks who haven’t been here in a while, the positive changes in our town are stunning. Ten years ago, downtown was a virtual ghost town, and probably not the best place to be after sundown. It was full of abandoned buildings with ugly layers of stucco covering the beautiful old brick facades.

Now look at what we have in downtown. Many of the buildings have been restored, and more are under restoration.  It is active with shoppers and diners, and even hotel guests throughout the day and into the night. Central Park is a beautiful, relaxing haven by day, and a glittering wonderland by night. Who knew how great it would be to keep the lights on in the trees year-round! Visitors just love it. (Note: The new permanent LED lights are now being installed on the trees in Central Park, and we will be lighting them up at the Christmas Parade ceremony on Dec. 1st.)

Yes, visitors are surprised we actually have multiple dining options in Seguin now. That’s not to say our restaurants were bad before, but the variety and price range is so much improved. No longer do we have to take guests to San Antonio to have a fine dining experience.

If you really want to blow their minds, take your visitors to our new Seguin Public Library. Take them inside, and let them gaze in awe at the beauty, and then take them outside for a stroll on the linear park along Walnut Branch. There are not many cities where a trip to the library can be such a treat.

When you pass ZDT’S Amusement Park, your guests will ask in amazement “Is that really a roller coaster?” and “Wow”, as they marvel at what the owners have done with a formerly run-down part of town.

Our park system is something to really show off to visitors.  10 years ago, Park West was an abandoned estate with an impenetrable thicket of brush along Walnut Branch.  Now you can go there and enjoy the walking trail, skate park, splash pad, playground, soccer fields and picnic areas. 

People always have fond memories of Starcke Park, but we’ve done so many things to improve it. We’ve repaired and re-opened River Drive, and added all kinds of amenities such as disc golf, new restrooms and new playground equipment.

Just across the river from Starcke Park, is the refurbished and restored Seguin Power Plant, which is now a restaurant. It wasn’t long ago that it was an abandoned, land locked, overgrown eyesore. Now it is great casual dining spot. Folks just love the magnificent views of the river and the falls of Saffold Dam.

There are so many things visitors love about our town, and I haven’t even covered half of them. I always run out of space. 

In short, we have made REAL, positive changes to our city in the past few years, and the world outside Seguin is starting to take notice.

Gosh, I love this town!

Gosh, I love this town!

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