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Police Officer Clayton Deagen and his partner, K9 Officer Zoey - December 2014 Employees of the Mont

Police Officer Clayton Deagen and his partner, K9 Officer Zoey - December 2014 Employees of the Mont

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The City of Seguin is pleased to announce Police Officer Clayton Deagen and his partner, K9 Officer Zoey, as December 2014 Employees of the Month. Officers Deagen and Zoey are being...

Mayor’s Message

December 2014


Gosh I love this town!

Those of you who read this column regularly know that I always end my column with that exclamation. I had to start from that point of view today because the past month has been such an incredibly “Wonderful” time for both Seguin, and for me personally as mayor.

Since it’s the Christmas Season, I’m going to stray away from the usual city business stuff, and wander into the “quality of life” side of things, and plug one of my favorite pet projects – The Texas Theatre.

As many of you know, I and my wife Marty have been deeply involved in the restoration and management of The Texas Theatre for many years. With the exception of a few rock n roll cameos; I have never performed before an audience - Until a few weeks ago.

Yes, I performed on stage at The Texas in “It’s a Wonderful Life – The Musical”. It was kind of a stretch – I played the mayor of Bedford Falls.  I didn’t have many lines, but I had quite a bit of chorus stage time. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.

Sheila Lucas is one of the most talented director/actor/producers in this part of the country, and one of the most wonderfully manipulative people I have ever known. From the beginning, she asked me to play the mayor. I immediately said no – actually, I said something stronger than that.  It’s something I just didn’t have time for. After all, I have a real city to worry about. She pretended not to hear me.

Rehearsals were scheduled. I explained I couldn’t be there, and she should find someone else. She said, “don’t worry – you’ll be fine”. I responded that I just couldn’t do it. She said, “don’t worry, you’ll be fine”. So I squeezed in some rehearsals, made some schedule changes, quit worrying, and I think I was fine.

Sheila is retired from the Seguin ISD, and is on our Theatre Board of Directors. For more than a year, she had tried to get the board to bring “It’s a Wonderful Life – The Musical” to the theatre. Most of us on the board didn’t think she was serious.

We thought that a musical with a cast of over 30 people, with multiple scene changes and a complicated musical score would be impossible on our limited stage with tiny wing space and no backstage, and no sound system. Not to mention the cast of over 30 people – that can all sing and act. Many had to dance as well.

But the board gave in, and Sheila went to work. We added a new sound system earlier in the year, which helped, she then devised ways to move props in and out of our limited spaces.

Where did she find all these talented people? She found them in Seguin! The leading lady, Johanna Bain Johnson is from Stockdale, but she’s been in so many productions here that she is almost a native.  Kyle Krambeck who played the lead as George Bailey, is a Seguin HS graduate now attending Texas State. I’m not going to mention any other names, simply because I don’t have the room, and I don’t want to leave anyone out.

Most of the younger members of the cast are former students of Sheila’s, who seem to be able to read her mind, and respond amazingly to her direction. The technical crew that worked the lights, sound, props and curtains were either Sheila’s former students or present students at Seguin High School.

That is another reason to love this town! All this talent – this incredible talent - is from Seguin!

This cast and crew of over 30 people gave up most of their spare time for over 2 months, with no monetary compensation, to bring this incredible Christmas gift to their fellow citizens. It is the very essence of the joy of living in a small town – a small town that cares.

It is beyond my ability to describe how impressed, and proud, and grateful I am by the wonderfully talented group of people who were assembled to make this production possible.

Merry Christmas Seguin!

And I’ll say it again - Gosh I love this town!


November 2014


This is the season of Thanksgiving, and this year I am thankful for something rather unusual – dust! Yes, dust means that we are finally getting off the dime with many of our projects, and we are moving forward as a city.

In big cities, the signs of prosperity and growth are the sight of construction cranes along the skyline. In smaller towns like Seguin, prosperity and growth are represented by bulldozers, excavators and torn up streets – and dust.

It is inconvenient. It is dusty, dirty, and noisy. But it has to be done. (I might add that it is nice to see a lot of Caterpillar equipment doing this work. Maybe some of those machines have Seguin-built engines in them!)

What’s happening along River Street and Mountain Street near downtown now is really only the beginning.
Seguin is going to be subjected to a lot of this activity for the next several years.

Yes, I said years - not months. We’ve got an awful lot to fix, and we’ve got an awful lot to add. It will make an awful lot of dust and an awful lot of mess, and create an awful lot of frustration, but it is something we must endure to improve things.

I may have discussed some of this in a previous column, and you know how I feel about our lousy streets, but many people are still unaware of the extent and purpose of what we are trying to accomplish. Just to give you an idea of what’s ahead, here are a few of the projects on the board now.

The most visible project now is the River, San Marcos and Heideke Streets project.  Phase 1 on River Street will be completed in mid 2015. Phase 2 will then begin on San Marcos Street from Court to Kingsbury for completion in 2016. Phase 3 on Heideke Street will also stretch from Court to Kingsbury, and will be the last part of this project, which will probably take us well into 2017 or longer.

Many of you are asking why the traffic cones and lane diversions are on East Court Street. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has informed us that a void has developed around a culvert beneath the road surface, and a sink hole was developing on the roadway. This is a TxDOT project, so we do not have direct control over it. However, we will continue to urge TxDOT to repair this problem as soon as possible. It is doubly inconvenient, since traffic on East Court has increased due to the closing of Mountain Street.

After many delays due to problems with right-of-way acquisition, the North Austin Street project will begin next year. This is another major TxDOT project.  The City will take advantage of this opportunity to add new storm drainage and replace all utilities while TxDOT lowers and widens the road surface, and adds sidewalks.

The improvements to the SH46 at IH10 intersection along with the access roads along IH10 will be bid out in April 2015, and will probably begin construction later in the year for completion in 2016.

While all this is going on, we have several sewer and water main replacements and extensions, sidewalk projects, overlaying Vaughan Street near Park West, and the Walnut Branch trail construction.

Add all this to the construction of Park West, the new Library, the new WalMart and related pad sites, Meadows at Nolte Farms, Greenspoint, and site work for the new Siro Group facility.

I didn’t even mention downtown, and the great things going on with the wonderful restorations that are happening. That will probably require a whole column in the future.

As you can see, there will be much dust swirling around Seguin for many years to come, and I for one, am very thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Gosh, I love this town!

Archive coming soon!

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