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Long-time city Street Sweeper saves a life on the job

Long-time city Street Sweeper saves a life on the job

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SEGUIN, Texas –Juan Villarreal has been a Street Sweeper Operator with the City of Seguin for 23 years. However, it wasn’t his experience behind the wheel of his truck that helped him save...

Mayor’s Message

Mayor’s Message - March 2016

Some things are just downright hard to understand. Sometimes heroes can let you down. It all reminds me of the legend of the young boy who confronted Shoeless Joe Jackson after Joe was convicted of helping throw the 1919 World Series in what was called the “Black Sox Scandal.” The boy confronted Joe and said “Say it ain’t so, Joe! Say it ain’t so!”

Yes, I know it only happened in a movie, but I feel just like that young boy right now. A hero of mine seems to have let us all down. That man is Red McCombs, and the issue is something that threatens the health and prosperity of this entire region — the Post Oak Landfill.

Say it ain’t so, Red!

If you remember last month’s column, I wrote extensively about the dangers that were revealed about the Post Oak Landfill at the state hearing held in Austin back in January. This landfill has the potential to turn Guadalupe, Gonzales, Wilson Counties — and parts of Bexar County — into various versions of Flint, Michigan.

I also mentioned that wealthy individuals from San Antonio are major investors in the proposed landfill. Information uncovered in that hearing proves that the Red McCombs group is a major player in financing the landfill.

This column is hard to write, because I admire Mr. McCombs so much. He built his wealth on his own, and is one of the most respected people in the state, if not the nation. His generosity and business genius are legend. That’s why I am so puzzled by his involvement in this god-awful project.
Say it ain’t so, Red!

The landfill area is riddled with uncharted, abandoned oil well shafts, and is sitting on a fault line. The lining between the toxic landfill and the primary water source for millions of people is nothing more that a few millimeters of plastic.

It is a fact that this landfill will be below the water table of the Carizzo/Wilcox Aquifer(s). This was proven in the hearing. Not over the aquifer, but IN the aquifer.

Like I noted above, this goes way beyond just Seguin. San Antonio Water System (SAWS) already has several wells in the aquifer, and will use that same aquifer to provide water for the proposed multi-billion dollar Vista Ridge project. We are moving SAWS water for them now through our SSLGC pipelines, and we could possibly sell them some of our water in the future. That means San Antonio will be affected by whatever can go wrong with the landfill.

I don’t think most citizens of San Antonio know what is going on here, either. We will be trying to inform various media outlets in the region to start paying attention to the Post Oak Landfill and its dangers. I think a full-scale media driven effort is needed.

Have Red McCombs and his investment group been fully informed about the dangers this landfill poses? Do they know they are soiling their own nest? Ignorance is the only reason I can fathom here. After all the wonderful things he has done, I don’t think Mr. McCombs wants to be remembered as the guy who turned us into Flint, Michigan. So…Mr. McCombs, if you love your town…

Say it ain’t so, Red!

Gosh I love this town!

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