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Family READ Bingo

  • Family READ Bingo runs from August 1st through August 24th.
  • Registration begins August 1st and can be done at the library or online.  Register Here!
  • One (1) card per family.
  • Family READ Bingo is bingo with a twist.  Each READ square consists of an activity family members can do together.
  • Once the family is registered, simply stop by the library for a READ Bingo card and get started having some family fun.
  • For every row of activities completed, the family receives a raffle ticket to enter in the raffle prize box of their choice. 
  • If the family completes all the activities on the READ Bingo card, they are entered into the drawing for the grand prize! 
  • Parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, spouses and partners, or anyone you claim as family can participate. 
  • A library card is not required to register. 
  • Raffle prizes include $500 in gift cards. 
  • The grand prize is a drone.
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