Adoption Fees

Dog or puppy = $100 adoption fee and receive $50 voucher
Cat or kitten = $75 adoption fee and receive $25 voucher
The participating veterinary clinics further agree to reduce the customary fee for medical services by 20%.

Veterinary clinics participating:

  • Crossroads Veterinary Clinic (830) 372-4521
  • Parkview Veterinary Clinic (830) 379-2170
  • Seguin Animal Hospital (830) 379-3821
 What does the adoption fee cover?

This adoption fee includes micro chipping, a booster vaccine, and a voucher to put towards the cost of sterilization.  If the animal is already ‘fixed’, the voucher may be used for other medical care such as a rabies vaccine, a heartworm test, or flea and tick preventative.  (Some of the canines at the facility are heartworm tested and rabies vaccinated).

Adoption Application:

Click here for an adoption application.

The adopter will agree to have the animal sterilized within the specified time period recorded on the voucher provided.  If the animal is under six (6) months of age, the voucher will be postdated with a specified date which is determined by an animal services employee based on the estimated date when the animal will be six (6) months of age.  If the animal is six (6) months of age or older, an animal services employee will transport the animal to the veterinary clinic to be sterilized and the adopter is responsible for picking up their new pet and paying the remaining balances due after voucher is applied.  Failure to comply may result in a citation.  If this animal is sterilized, the coupon may be used for medical assessment or treatment.

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